How to redeem loyalty points?

To redeem loyalty points and convert them into discounts on your purchases, simply follow the steps below. First of all, under the Summary of your Order, you will find a box with a purple background in which it will tell you how many loyalty points you accumulate with your purchase. After this, you will have a warning in the form of a question: Do you want to use the points? And a notification with the number of loyalty points you have accumulated in your user account.

In the box that says Reward Points, type in numbers the number of points you want to use. Remember that you don't have to use all of them, as you can use the ones you want and keep the points you don't want to use stored in your account. When you have selected the points you want to use, click OK.

Once you have accepted, you will automatically apply the discount of your points to your order summary. Remember, every point is a penny off your purchase: