Bevilud Affiliate Program

In Bevilud we have decided to introduce a loyalty program for our customers. Since our launch, we want you to always be with us. To achieve this, we will reward you with a percentage of the purchase for your new order.

When you place your order on Bevilud, you will get a 3% discount for your future purchases.

How does the points system work in Bevilud?

The way it works is simple, with each purchase you will accumulate 3% in the form of points, for example, if you spend €100 in our online store you will get 300 points that would be equivalent to €3, the points will be available when your order goes to the Delivered status.

How can I check my points?

Through the My Account panel you will be able to see an access to My Loyalty Points, where you can find your points earned, points spent and available points. You can access your loyalty points from here

Where can I see how many points each product gives me?

From the product page, you can see at the top of the product page, next to the price, the number of points contributed for each product.

In addition, once you start the process of finalizing the cart, you will be able to see the points that will be accumulated with your purchase.

How can I use the points?

Once you start the process of completing the order, you will see a link where you can convert the points you have into a coupon. To redeem the coupon, you will need to add it from the "Do you have a promotional coupon?" link. Click on the link of the desired coupon and click Add.

*Points will not be applied to the payment of shipping costs.