bevilud black friday 2023

In Bevilud we want to make the best discounts on beauty, life and health products, with offers for the best brands. Take advantage of these days to buy, as we have the best offer of the year.

when is Black Friday on Beauty, Life and Health products in 2024?

The dates of Black Friday at Bevilud are not yet confirmed, but it will be at the end of November. Although some products may have a Black Friday discount before the date indicated.

what discounts do we offer during Black Friday?

The Black Friday promotion that we do in Bevilud may consist of a discount depending on the amount of the purchase:

  • If your purchase is over 60€ you have 6€ discount
  • If your purchase is over 115€ you get 15€ discount

what kind of products can we buy during Black Friday?

what brands are discounted for Black Friday?

Other brands with discount this Black Friday 2024

As you know it is one of the best times of the year to buy all the products you need for your baby, most brands are offering discounts to their customers these days of November. For all those new or experienced parents, we highlight a few brands that are going to have discounts this year.