Silvestre Care & Candy

In our online store you can find the best products of the Silvestre brand with a large catalog of items, from toothpaste, oils for skin care... to different types of candy. All their products are of excellent quality and eco-friendly.

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At Bevilud we have the best organic cosmetic products, health products, natural hygiene products and all this is what you can find through the Silvestre firm.

It is a firm that sells everything from candies, to oils, toothpastes, etc.

What are the products Silvestre

The Silvestre brand comprises a variety of natural cosmetic products ranging from skincare to organic candies. All under an organic production of excellent quality.

The signature Silvestre, which you can buy through Bevilud, comprises a variety of personal hygiene care products such as different types of toothpastes and eco-friendly dental floss.

In the assortment of toothpastes, there are options such as Homeofresh Citrus is a natural, sugar-free toothpaste indicated as periodontal support. Fights gingivitis. They also distribute eco-friendly dental floss made of bamboo charcoal and corn charcoal, and mineral deodorant.

It is a brand of organic products that is also responsible for the production of healthy candies. With flavors of eucalyptus, peppermint, marshmallow, honey, honey and lemon, licorice or filled with fruits, you can find options to soothe throat discomfort and are suitable for consumption among celiacs.

What are the products Silvestre used for?

Silvestre's natural cosmetics and health products are characterized by being suitable for daily use, being made from natural ingredients and being perfect for the whole family.

Among its range of products you can also find options for natural cosmetics, such as the firm's essential oils that we have in Bevilud.

These essential oils are suitable to complement with the best body creams, using them in massages and so on.

In our natural health store you can find essential oils for all kinds of problems. For example, the essential oil of Jahisil Cinnamon essence , an option suitable for combating digestive spasms, asthenia and metrorrhagia.

Buy Silvestre products online

Through Bevilud you can purchase a wide variety of toothpaste products, health care products, hygiene products, body care products and rich organic candies such as Silvestre, etc.

We also have a wide variety of organically sourced hygiene and body care products. Our entire catalog is made up of 100% organic and certified organic products. Buying Silvestre products is easier than ever through Bevilud.