Plantapol Natural Cosmetics and Food Supplements

Plantapol is a manufacturer, known for its high quality, of Natural Cosmetics and Food Supplements. In our Online Store you can buy the best Essential Oils Plantapol. With the wide selection we have, you are sure to find the Plantpol product you are looking for and at the Best Price.

Also try the Natural Snail Slime and Rosehip Soap from Plantapol which will give an incredible softness to the skin, nourishing it thoroughly and preventing it from drying out.


In Bevilud you can find the best health care products as well as the best nutrition products and hygiene producer and all this is what you can acquire through the different product lines of Plantapol.

What are the products Plantapol

Plantapol is a 100% organic natural cosmetics and nutritional supplements company. The firm is committed to the customer and guarantees respect for the environment in every process they carry out to bring the best product to the most demanding customers.

The Plantapol products are designed to optimally complement the different needs of the market. Developing solutions for the field of natural cosmetics and nutrition. It includes, among other options, a line of tablets for weight control, and capsules as nutrition supplements, etc.

Its products include options such as Plantapol Chiapol, a virgin chia oil rich in alpha-linolenic acid that helps maintain neo adequate blood cholesterol levels.

As for their soaps, the most outstanding options are the Snail Slime and Rosehip Soap Plantapol which offer your skin in-depth care.

What are the products Plantapol used for?

Plantapol is the brand of natural products that benefit health through nutritional supplements, as well as essential oils, rosemary alcohol, shampoos, ampoules, etc. All Plantapol products are characterized by having been made under a rigorous control both of the raw materials that have been used, and of the origin they have, always using natural products.

Within the line of natural cosmetics products Plantapol you can find creams, exfoliating gels, cleansing milks, and hydration for the delicate skin of the lips. For hair care, there are shampoos focused on different treatments such as anti-hair loss, dandruff control, dryness or weakness.

The company also offers nutritional supplements in the form of syrup, ampoules or biodegradable capsules of vegetable origin.

In addition, thinking about the nutrition of the athlete, they also have shakes or energy complexes, proteins, carbohydrates, fat-burning, amino acids and vitamins.

Buy products Plantapol online

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