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Physiorelax products are made from plants such as marigold, arnica, devil's claw and St. John's wort. These creams are especially for relieving muscle fatigue. It doesn't matter if you're an athlete, physiotherapist or just looking for muscle relief, creams will help Physiorelax.

Try now the Physiorelax Ultra Heat sports massage cream with a heat effect or if you prefer you can buy Physiorelax fleece with a cold effect for optimal muscle relaxation. And especially for the little ones we have cherry-scented Physiorelax Kids to relieve bumps and bruises.


In Bevilud you can find the best health products such as Physiorelax creams made from natural and very effective compositions.

What are the products Physiorelax

The Physiorelax products are creams and gels that can be applied directly to comfort muscles and joints with extra benefits on ligaments. Indicated for the use of massages applied to medium and high performance athletes, although they are suitable for everyone.

Muscle Physiorelax gels are characterized by being made without parabens or paraffins, from natural plant extracts with anti-inflammatory properties, which also nourish and moisturize all skin types. Specifically, in their composition they have ingredients such as calendula, arnica, devil's claw and St. John's wort. These creams are especially for relieving muscle fatigue

Physiorelax products and creams are designed to comfort and contribute to the preservation of muscle health and the maintenance of joints.

Among the products in Physiorelax you can see that there are options with different applications: from conventional cream to roll on. For example, Physiorelax forte, a massage cream that prepares and protects your muscles and ligaments and has arnica and essential oils, stands out.

The firm also has a series of products for children such as Physiorelax Kids Cherry, a perfect option for relieving pain after a blow and which is made from natural ingredients providing an immediate soothing action.

What are the products Physiorelax used for?

The effectiveness of heat in Physiorelax massage creams is ideal for muscle preparation because it activates the warm-up and prevents ligament injuries. It is also effective after a hard workout, because it releases the possible tensions of repetitive exercises.

As far as spray products are concerned, Physiorelax have a toning function at the muscle level, as well as refreshing the skin thanks to the ability to penetrate instantly.

All the creams of the Physiorelax brand contain Arnica Montana in a concentration of 10%, it is a component famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain and is indicated for injuries and inflammations resulting from physical exercise.

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