Novavis Vegetable Dyes

Vegetable Dyes Novavis dye the hair without damaging its structure, thanks to its ingredients you will have a beautiful coloring and also covers gray hair. If you want to dye your hair, always choose products that are respectful of you and do not harm you. Vegetable dye Novavis with plant extracts is ammonia-free.

We have a wide range of colors so you can buy the Novavis dye that suits you best at the Best Price Online. Choose natural hair color to protect your hair.


At Bevilud we offer the best natural cosmetic products such as vegetable dyes Novavis that you can buy Novavis at the best price online.

What are the products Novavis

Novavis is a brand of plant-based hair dyes, natural and effective. It achieves a beautiful coloration that covers gray hair, without damaging its structure, thanks to its ammonia-free plant components. They are a set of products that are respectful of the environment and maintain the health of the scalp.

They are hair dyes composed of vegetable derivatives without chemical agents. They have a variety of colors to satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs, striking a perfect balance between beauty and health protection as well as caring for the environment.

Its components are derived from plants, berries, and various organic sources such as lichens and fungi. Such ingredients prevent the use of harmful synthetic agents, while protecting and nourishing the hair structure. They do not contain lead acetate, resorcinol or polysodium chromate, nor do they contain artificial preservatives.

Plant-based dyes are Novavis certified and use natural ingredients to dye and maintain hair health. They cover the hair fibre without damaging its structure, making it stronger and more resistant.

What are vegetable dyes used for Novavis

The Novavis line of vegetable dyes pigment the hair naturally. Using natural products such as flowers and vegetables or roots such as turmeric, sikuri, or cassia and hibiscus with which different shades are obtained, in addition to different shades, a protective and conditioning effect on the hair. Buy Novavis dyes at Bevilud.

Dyes do Novavis not contain hydrogen peroxide and therefore do not lighten the hair. They are certified organic and cover gray hair, such is the case of the henna-based dye, a natural compound that only dyes red, but other plants are added to achieve the different shades.

Prolonged use of vegetable dyes Novavis strengthens the hair, making it softer, shinier and more manageable. They reduce the appearance of diseases because many of the plants used for their formula have antibacterial, balsamic and antifungal properties. At Bevilud we have the best natural products and this is the case of Novavis.

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