Hartman for Wound Care

Hartman has been a pioneer in medical devices since 1818. They take their products very seriously and that's why they guarantee high-quality products and quality and environmental certifications.

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In our Online Store you will find the best products for your medicine cabinet through the range of products Hartmann. It is a firm that has been marketing high-quality medical devices with quality and environmental certifications since 1818.

Medical devices Hartmann, synonymous with quality

The products of the laboratory Hartmann guarantee the best care. Band-aids, dressings, tape... Your wounds will be in good hands with the Hartman products that you can buy in our Online Shop.

Hartmann products are characterized by being hypoallergenic, adapt to the different shapes of the body, have great permeability to air and water vapor, so if they get wet they will not penetrate the area where the wound is.

To give the best protection to your skin and better heal wounds, you can choose the Omnipor Tape with Hartman Dispenser , which is adhesive and very resistant. It is a product designed to cover and protect wounds or cuts, as it is hypoallergenic. Suitable for sensitive skin and waterproof.

In Hartmann they also have products such as bandages made from 100% white cotton and are ideal for good compression and adhesion in cases where a part of the body has to be bandaged, for example.

Products Hartmann take care of your health

With the products Hartmann any wound or problem with which you may require a quality dressing, you will put it in the best hands. Hartmann has more than 100 years of experience making health products for sale in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

If you are looking for the best care for your loved ones, do not hesitate to include the sanitary products and dressings Hartmann through our online health store.

You can't miss the products in the medicine cabinet at home made up of products to take care of your health. You can find the most suitable Hartmann options to ensure you have a complete, quality kit at home.

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Hartmann has an extensive catalog of bandages and other types of dressings, bandages and so on. Buy band-aids online at the Best Price and receive them at home in a comfortable and simple way with our online store.

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