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Dr.Bronner Products has a long history as a family business that has been making high-quality soaps for more than 150 years and always respecting our environment. In addition, part of their income is dedicated to environmental and social causes.

In their collection, in addition to soaps, you can also find Dr Bronner Lip Balm . They are products with history and quality that you will love and not only because of their original and retro packaging. Wide collection of Dr Bronner soaps so you can buy the one you like the most at the Best Price.


In our Online Store you can find high quality products to take care of your personal hygiene such as Dr Bronner products. The firm, which has more than a century of history, specializes in soaps, lip balm, etc.

What are Dr Bronner's products?

Dr Bronner's specialises mainly in the production of high quality soaps and natural products. In addition, if you dare to buy their products, you should know that part of their income goes to environmental and social causes.

At Dr Bronner they make all kinds of soaps: bars, liquids and liquids with dispenser included so that you only have to choose the format you like the most.

In addition, you will also find natural soaps with different aromas, all of them natural: citrus soap, eucalyptus soap, lavender soap, almond soap, etc.

All Dr Bronner products are handmade, do not contain chemical ingredients or parabens, so they will allow you to give complete care to your skin and are perfect for all types of dermis, even the most reactive. They are also ideal for daily care and for both adults and children.

Dr Bronner soaps for every occasion

There's a Dr Bronner soap for every need. For example, if you opt for younger skin or skin with dermatological problems, tea tree soap will be the best option, providing great softness to the dermis. In addition, it is also suitable for hair care and even for teeth.

If you opt for Almond Soap, Dr Bronner's that provides a feeling of warmth and intimacy, leaving your skin soft, smooth and fresh. And if you're looking to combat pores and imperfections, there's nothing like Eucalyptus Soap Dr Bronner's that opens and cleanses pores thanks to the vapors. It is a product that provides a deep cleaning without resorting to chemical products in its composition.

As for their lines of lip balms , they are presented in lipstick format and are perfect to carry in your bag or backpack, suitable for daily use. These are balms that provide a feeling of freshness and hydration to the lips.

Dr. Bronner, products of proven quality

The Dr Bronner firm has been making personal care products for more than 150 years, if you are looking for the best hygiene in the case of soaps or the best hydration, in the case of lip balms, with Dr. Bonner products you will achieve it.

And to complete this care, don't hesitate to take a look at our entire catalogue of products designed to maintain body and intimate hygiene through their body hygiene products.

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