Bach Flowers , Natural Essences

Bach flowers are natural essences that help alleviate all kinds of physical, emotional, and mental problems.

Created by Dr. Bach between 1926 and 1934, they are still used today thanks to their effectiveness. In our Online Store you can buy a large selection of Bach products at the Best Online Price.


At Bevilud you can buy products Bach, a brand that sells Bach flowers, which are essences of natural origin that serve to alleviate all kinds of problems: both physical and mental. Among their catalog you will find the best possible products and all at the best price, take a look at their catalog.

What are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers are Bach flower essences that are also known under the name of Bach flower remedies. It is the denomination given to a combination of 5 plants and the result is an essence made from a maceration that is made with the water of mature flowers of various spices, both of silvestre origin and naturalized from the area of Wales.

These are natural essences that are used to treat different situations such as fear or loneliness because physical illnesses also have a psychological origin. That is why it is important to re-establish emotional balance and that is how what is known as Emotion Therapy arose and the use of Bach Flowers began.

Bach Flowers have been used for more than 70 years to relieve both physical and mental ailments and their effectiveness is proven. Beyond their emotional benefits, Bach flowers have other very powerful benefits.

On a physical level, it helps to treat certain mental predispositions and in the case of women it is a particularly useful product in key stages of their life such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

The 5 plants that were used to give rise to what are now known as the Bach Flowers are the Star of Bethlehem, the yellow helianthemum, the impatien, the plum and the white clematis, offering both emotional and physical relief.

What are Bach products used for?

If you're wondering what Bach products are for, they're perfect for taking care of your health with mood products. If you take a look at all the products of the firm Bach that you will find in our online health store you will see a wide range of pine, oak, oak and others that are intended to treat different aspects.

There is no doubt that if it is important to take care of our physical health, it is no less important to do the same with our health and this is precisely what you will achieve with Bach products, obtaining a state of relaxation will help you feel more at ease and happier.

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Bach flowers you'll be fine inside and out

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